Finding that “Juice” in Your Career.

  • Identify your inner needs and what you want from a career.
  • Evaluate your skills as well as your physical and mental limitations.
  • Research beyond the image of the job.
  • Be aware of how others affect or influence you (do what you want to do; separate your ambitions from those of others).
  • Set definite goals for yourself – a plan of achievement!
  • Explore a field of interest to you – locate and read occupationally-oriented books, literature, job descriptions, professional journals, etc.
  • Talk with people in the field – conduct informational interviews (see your school career center for information on how to conduct this type of interview).
  • Look at negative as well as positive aspects of a job – can you live with them?
  • Explore more than one option – dig deeper.
  • Evaluate the career or career field that best matches your interests, abilities and personal characteristics.
  • Obtain the educational and special training as needed for the career of your choice (research and evaluate schools to make the best choice).
  • Obtain a part-time job or volunteer for work to get a feel for the field.
  • Believe in yourself! 80% of what gets you a good job is your mental attitude and how you project yourself – your self confidence.