OT is for me


Whenever September arrives, it always feels like the “new year”. School starts, new job openings, summer holidays end. It’s a time when I really assess my year and new goals in life. What’s my next step?

I remember last year I was still debating with myself if I should go into Occupational Therapy. Will I enjoy it? Will I love it?

Today, I read an article about an OT working in the Sexual Health Field. The main point is, people who suffer spinal injuries are concerned with how they will have sex. While all other concerns are usually easily met by professions, sex is typically a taboo subject and still difficult to discuss openly in such professional environments. I found it so interesting. Perhaps a field I would like to explore and help expand if I ever get into a MOT program.

I continued throughout my day by searching for more jobs to apply to. I came across the only school which caters to children that are hard of hearing.Listed professions working at the school were OTs. I’ve worked with children with autism, reading/math/writing disabilities, and down syndrome. Working with a child who is hard of hearing or deaf would be interesting to learn. I want to know what it’s like.

I also want to learn to ski I am currently an intermediate snowboarder) so that one day I could help teach people with disabilities to snowboard/ski. Or even teach someone to cook/bake. And it struck me, OT has so many fields/specializations. That’s exactly what I like. Variation. Chance. I can’t do the same thing in and out every day. Every person is different, with their own story, and their own passions. OT is for me.


Children’s hearing link